First Books Shipped!

After a long blogging hiatus, I am back with good news.  The fully edited and illustrated PDF of Daddy Tries was uploaded to the publisher a few days ago.  The document was proofed by the publishing team and deemed ready for printing.  I immediately ordered a couple copies so I could check them myself before … Continue reading First Books Shipped!

Happy Halloween!

Daddy Tries celebrates the holidays.  Check out Daddy as a caped crusader and his tiny-but-awesome training partner. As long as there’s a 5k involved, of course!  We got into the spirit of the season to  not only demonstrate the talents of my illustrious illustrator, but also to  showcase the depth of fun and character that … Continue reading Happy Halloween!

Illustrator in Action!

It’s alive!  After pouring over each storyboard sketch a dozen times, we are forging ahead with the next phase of the artwork process. Roughly, this is phase 2-of-3. This will likely include a few things; “end pages” illustrations with spot art or a triathlon themed pattern,  more detail to ALL of the sketches from the storyboard, and … Continue reading Illustrator in Action!

Back in the saddle

Editors. Deadlines. Print methods. Instagram. What doesn’t this post have!? The issue of the holding pattern has been resolved.  That is, we have clarification from the editor at the aforementioned potential publisher that Daddy Tries is not going to be picked up for traditional publication. However, it has been well worth the time and effort to explore that … Continue reading Back in the saddle

Holding Pattern

You’re thinking, “What the heck!? Is this thing done yet?” *almost* Okay, not at all. We have had an interesting development in the saga of Daddy Tries, though, that has resulted in a pause of sorts.  A potential offer to get some professional level help has surfaced, so I basically ceased all amateur flailing.  My goal,  at … Continue reading Holding Pattern

Gone fishin’

I’m escaping the bustling metropolis of St. Louis for the rugged but comfortable fishing camp scene in Bristol Bay Alaska. But that doesn’t mean Daddy Tries slows down. We keep making progress, and the latest step is to let the story board provided to me by Jessica, sink in. I will think about how it … Continue reading Gone fishin’