Back in the saddle

Editors. Deadlines. Print methods. Instagram.

What doesn’t this post have!?

The issue of the holding pattern has been resolved.  That is, we have clarification from the editor at the aforementioned potential publisher that Daddy Tries is not going to be picked up for traditional publication. However, it has been well worth the time and effort to explore that option fully before making any further adjustments.  And this is actually great news.  More editing and layout help has accompanied these recent conversations.  Any opportunity I get to improve the end product, the better!

Within reason, Jessica (remember my illustrious illustrator?) and I will stay open to suggestions – especially from professionals – for a while.  The ultimate deadline is to offer Daddy Tries to the triathlete (and health/fitness conscious) masses by Father’s Day 2017.  There are all sorts of reasons to hope that we could achieve distribution by Christmas, but that isn’t necessarily the timetable.

After some confusion with determining the length of the book, I believe we are on track to publish a traditional length 32-page picture book.  There are end papers, pasted pages, title pages, and a variety of other standard layout considerations.  Flip through any children’s picture books you have at home, and you’ll find 32 pages to be the most common length.  This is critical because books must be written in multiples of 8 in order to be organized for print.

Speaking of print, I am researching the key decision points for determining the best way to do it.  Offset printing is cheaper, but only if I plan to purchase and stock nearly 1,000 copies (or more) of the book.  Print-on-demand will be more expensive, and likely reduce my margins significantly, but involve less capital and less risk. I lean toward smaller print runs from the “on demand” market, but it is still a topic worthy of debate. I’ll review the pros and cons of each method in more detail later on.

Lastly thing for today: Instagram.  I started an account, DaddyTries1, to see if I could produce clicks, likes, follows…anything…for the good of the cause.  Posting a picture of Bennett finishing a triathlon and including the tags #likefatherlikedaughter #dreambig and #triathlon produced 14 likes a few followers.  I’ll also experiment with things like #fitfamily #activekids #youthsports #swimbikerun and #yoga as we go along.  Any suggestions?  I’m all ears.

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