Holding Pattern

You’re thinking, “What the heck!? Is this thing done yet?”


Okay, not at all.

We have had an interesting development in the saga of Daddy Tries, though, that has resulted in a pause of sorts.  A potential offer to get some professional level help has surfaced, so I basically ceased all amateur flailing.  My goal,  at the moment, is to not pull any lever or push any buttons that I shouldn’t.

More soon!



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A lover of bacon on donuts, single malt scotch with good friends, homemade American ninja warrior courses, and home brew cider. A not-s0-closet Bachelor and Bachelorette fan. A first-time dog owner at the ripe old age of 35. A Mechanical Engineer who will reliably attempt to do things on my own before consulting an instruction manual. A jack of all trades and a master of none. Motivated to climb things simply because they are there. Likely to do something because somebody said I couldn't.

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