Nailed it!

Bennett has a solid collection of nail polish, and I like to try my hand at artistic adventures so why not combine the two?  We did an Irish theme for St. Patty’s Day, a couple Easter iterations.  Summer-inspired watermelon nails, too.

imageOf course 4th of July was a fun one. And the timing couldn’t be better.  I had recently picked up the book Hammer and Nails, pictured above at Barnes & Noble.  I love the illustrations.  And isn’t that at least half of what makes a person want to pick up a picture book?

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A lover of bacon on donuts, single malt scotch with good friends, homemade American ninja warrior courses, and home brew cider. A not-s0-closet Bachelor and Bachelorette fan. A first-time dog owner at the ripe old age of 35. A Mechanical Engineer who will reliably attempt to do things on my own before consulting an instruction manual. A jack of all trades and a master of none. Motivated to climb things simply because they are there. Likely to do something because somebody said I couldn't.

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